Presidents and prime ministers in Romania’s media

I recently created a big dataset of Romania’s media (more than one million news items in total), in order to do some testing with larger datasets and to structurally check references to Transnistria in Romanian media. The dataset includes two newspapers (Adevărul and Gândul), one news website (Hotnews), one TV station (digi24) and one radio station (Radio Romania Actualități). When data are not disaggregated, an average of all the available data for the given period is presented (with each media source given equal weight). I’ll analyse data about Transnistria in another occasion. In the meantime, just posting some tests…

Quick take-outs (no formal testing):

  • presidents seem to get slightly more visibility than prime ministers, but it might actually boil down to individuals… Basescu has been very much visible, but Ponta got even more exposure.
  • since late 2015, both president and prime minister are less visible than used to be the case under previous tenures → both Iohannis and Cioloş seem to be less of media persons than their predecessors
  • media included in this comparison talk more or talk less about politicians around the same time, and while there are some differences among how much each one is mentioned on different media, there are not huge differences (including different media sources in the analysis, e.g. Antena 3, might well give different results)
  • Ponta and Băsescu still get a lot of visibility, even in 2016

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newsRo - word frequency - Iohannis - Băsescu - Ponta - Cioloş - newsRo - newsRo

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Word frequency by website since 2012 - newsRo - newsRoSince2012

Word frequency by year since 2012 - newsRo - newsRoSince2012

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timeseries - newsRo - newsRoSince2012

P.S. yes, this takes in consideration the fact that online media may not be accurate with spelling, so, for example, Cioloş includes Ciolos, Cioloş and Cioloș

P.S. time series are calculated on a center-aligned rolling average of 30 days