About me

Giorgio ComaiI am a researcher and data cruncher at OBCT/CCI Рhttps://www.balcanicaucaso.org/, previously based at Dublin City University. I am an expert on post-Soviet affairs, with research focusing in particular on de facto states and on different approaches for the bulk extraction and analysis of textual contents form the web in this context. I have been visiting regularly Russia and other post-Soviet countries since 2000, and I speak fluently Russian and Romanian. I am a member of the board of directors of Asiac, Italy’s academic association for the study of Central Asia and the Caucasus.

You can find me on Twitter @giocomai, on Flickr, and on GitHub.

Here’s a list of my academic publications.

I created @postjourn, a Twitter bot providing updates on academic publications focused on post-Soviet, post-Communist and Eastern European affairs.

I am the author and maintainer of a package for the R programming language: castarter – content analysis starter toolkit for R. castarter is under active development.

I occasionally post details about my contributions to the European Data Journalism Network on a separate blog, ‘The codebase‘. For EdjNet, I have also created the Quote Finder.