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city of the dead, North Ossetia

Built in the XIV-XVIII century…beautiful, but rather difficult to reach… there are still bones and whole skeletons inside those buildings…

Nashi organizes a summer camp for 20,000 young people coming from different parts of the northern Caucasus

Today I met Marija Kislicyna, “kommissar” of the Russian youth
movement Nashi. She’s head of the project “Russia for everybody”
(“Rossiya dlya vsekh”), and follows programmes meant to improve
relations between different ethnic groups living in Russia. The
tagline is that it doesn’t matter if you are Russian, Tatar or
Chechen, as long as you’re conscious of being a citizen of Russia.

I got some more information about Nashi’s programmes in this field,
and I will most probably write more about it at some point. Anyway…

News of the day (for me at least):

Nashi will probably organize a large youth summer camp involving young
people from all the regions of the Northern Caucasus. It should take
place in the region of Stavropol next summer. Details are yet to be
decided, but the idea is to have about 20,000 young people coming in
five turns of 4,000 participants each, on the model of the all-Russian
Seliger youth camp ( It is dedicated to the
youth of the Russian Caucasus, and most probably there will be
delegations coming from Abkhazia and South Ossetia as well.

some leaflets and materials produced by Nashi

entrance to the headquarters of Molodaja Gvardija, youth branch of United Russia

I was expecting flags, huge billboards, and V.V. Putin posters… no wonder I couldn’t find it! Not even a small sign at the entrance suggesting that there are the headquarters of the youth branch of Russia’s ruling party…

Anyway, I’ll come back soon to hear more about their activities in the northern Caucasus…

tuning in to Moscow…