How much has the 2020 war in Nagorno Karabakh been in the news? A comparison with August 2008 war in South Ossetia

On Sunday, 27 September 2020, a new war started in Nagorno Karabakh. It immediately appeared that this was a wide-scale military operation, as it involved the whole line of contact. It did not take long to understand that this was going to be worse than the deadly clashes in April 2016, and thus the largest escalation in more than two decades. Within the first ten days, there where tens of thousands civilians displaced by war, many hundreds of military casualties, thousands of injured, dozens of civilian casualties… this was, by any understanding of the term, a war.

On the beach, Lake Sevan

Somewhere in Armenia, not so far from the border with Turkey

Didn't realize how close to the Turkish border the Yerevan-Tbilisi train goes until my phone connected to Turkcell... — Giorgio Comai (@giocomai) July 20, 2013