How hybrid warriors without a masterplan set the stage for a full scale invasion

What were the proximate dynamics that made possible what took place in the Donbas between 2014 and 2022? And what has even happened? An important part of the answer is convincingly outlined in Anna Arutunyan’s excellent latest book

On Russia's formal claim to territories it knew it wouldn't control

[Originally posted to the Fediverse - Source] One of the “big decisions” that looks puzzling in relation to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is why did Putin decide to declare Russian sovereignty over more parts of Ukraine (Kherson and Zaporizhzhia) not when he could still hope to actually conquer them, but at a point in time when it was already evident that the Russian army could not plausibly cling to what it had, much less gain new ground.

Invasione dell'Ucraina da parte della Russia

Analisi e interviste uscite in italiano riguardanti l’invasione dell’Ucraina da parte della Russia