Wikidata for data journalism (with R)

2022-02-16 18:00

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In this presentation, I will showcase some examples of how and why we introduced Wikidata in our data journalism workflows (from producing alternative Olympics medal tables, to enriching data on flights in Europe), as well as some of the core ideas behind the package for the R programming language we developed, tidywikidatar. tidywikidatar makes it easier to include Wikidata in the exploratory and iterative data process that is so common in data journalism, without the need to familiarise with SPARQL queries. Finally, I will focus on our latest ongoing project aimed at facilitating the scalability of initiatives dedicated to the matching of street names to the Wikidata items they are dedicated to (individuals, places, events, etc.), keeping OpenStreetMap in the mix ( some context).

Slides available following this link

Source code for the slides

Giorgio Comai
Researcher, data analyst