de facto states

Where does the Money Come From? Financing the Budget and the pension System in post-Soviet De Facto States

Residents of post-Soviet de facto states have access to public goods and services to a large extent thanks to financial resources coming from outside their territories. For the de facto authorities, it would not be possible to pay pensions, salaries …

The external relations of de facto states in the South Caucasus

Post-Soviet de facto states are small-sized jurisdictions with limited domestic resources. They need credible military support from a patron to ensure their continued existence, and substantial financial support to provide public goods, services, and …

Roundtable: Research Data Quality Assessment for the Area-Studies on the post-Soviet region: New Approaches needed?

Victory Day in Sukhumi

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De facto states

Non-recognition is the symptom, not the cause

Surfing the post-Soviet web with style. Text mining post-Soviet de facto states

Scholars working on the post-Soviet space frequently refer to web contents at different stages of their research process. However, they (we) usually approach the internet as an inordinate mass of contents, that can be superficially explored thanks to …